Hopton House B&B

I run a B&B and as it has got busier i’ve found it difficult to manage with all of the cleaning on my own. I’ve considered getting someone in to help before now but have had difficulties finding someone locally and have been worried about finding someone who can maintain the standards I require.
The reputation and quality of my business is very important to me and it can be hard to hand over something as important as cleanliness to someone else!

However I discovered The Cleaning Fairy, a year ago and have been extremely pleased with the service I have received.  Emma Come’s to me twice a week and does a thorough clean of the house and guest bedroom’s which gives me the chance to get on with the admin that builds up whilst I’m normally having to clean. I’ve been very impressed with their attention to detail (picking up sofa cushions, moving furniture etc.

On a final note, the hotel inspector visited for her annual overnighter, Emma came and cleaned the house and room’s and we achieved 95% for cleanliness this was incredible

As a result we have been upgraded to a 5 star gold

So, thank you so much